Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey

Beyond being an accounting company in Istanbul, Turkey we offer specific solutions to foreigner wanting to start business in Turkey. One of the main necessities for foreign companies is to obtain a residence permit. Beside company formation, we offer residence permit service to our clients when setting up their business in İstanbul or throughout Turkey.

For long –term residency in Turkey, the applicant should submit the following documents to the immigration center which the appointment was taken while attending the appointment:

Residence Permit Application Form

Documents required to apply for a residence permit for work purposes:

Obtaining a Work Permit in Turkey

We understand needs that appear after setting up a company in Turkey. Some newly opened companies wish to hire foreign staff under their payroll. As an accounting firm in Turkey we help our clients to acquire work permit for their expatriate personnel.

Foreigners requiring a work permit in Turkey can apply inside or outside of Turkey.

For further details or assistance with regards to obtaining work permit, we are ready to help you and your expatriate personnel.