VAT Refund

Delivery of goods and services in Turkey is subject to VAT. However, for some activities, VAT paid in Turkey is returned with the SFA’s (Sworn Registered Financial Advisor) report prepared after the review is conducted.

The VAT Refund group within our Tax and Legal department offers services to help companies with their VAT refund application. It is composed of experienced SFAs and experts who keep a close watch on the procedures envisaged and the attitude adopted by the tax authorities. This dedicated group work exclusively on VAT refund transactions

Tax Audit / Full Tax Certification (according to Local Tax Legislations) Full Tax Certification simply means that a Sworn Registered Financial Advisor (SFA) carries out a tax audit of the company and certifies the tax returns.

The tax certification system significantly decreases any erroneous practices that may surface during an inspection by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, although tax certification is not mandatory, companies having their tax returns certified by a SFA are considered as having been audited by the public authorities, their accounts are not audited by the state tax inspectors. This service includes following procedures;